Qendra Rinore Arka

Youth Leadership Academy

?16 March 2019, Time: 11.00

?People, State, Democracy



Dr. Carlo has a Master in History, Philosophy (Luven, Belgium), and a Doctor of Theology (Gregorian), and has taught at Lateranon and at various seminars around the world.

Rector of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Lezha and Moderator of Studies at the “Our Lady of the Good Council” (Shkodra) Seminary, he also works in the pastoral field and in the ecumenical field.

Among his writings are: “You Become a Temple of God” (1998), The Civilization of Love and the Way of History (2009), Novissimus Adam (2010), Grace on Grace (2010), The Fullness of Christ(2012).

He also edited the publication of a Christian Latin anthology, Sapientia Traditionis (2007), a Biblical Antiretrics (2010) and Juan Luis Vivais, Introduction in sapientiam (2012).

He has published Christianity as God’s Love (Tirana, 2016) and some translations, especially from the popes Paul VI and John Paul II.

The Theology of Christian History (Naples, 2013) is currently being translated.