About Us

Rreth Qendrës Rinore Arka

Arka, designed as a youth and cultural center,

was established 20 February 2015 to serve the needs of young people.

ARKA has been created by two non-profit organizations, Acli Ipsia in Albania (a branch of the IPSIA organization in Italy) and the Consulting and Development Partners organization of Albania. Arka generates much of its support  from local young people and develops programs for young people who want to develop their skills in different fields.The range of our activities is diverse. We aim to  create a  space for any group that has something to offer.

Our facilities include a large bar, which functions as a professional meeting room and social space for a variety of people. We have hosted events such as, conferences, photo exhibitions, and academic courses at our bar space.Also Arka has a comfortable and contemporary recording studio with where musicians can record demos or perform performance tests. In the future we plan to use the studio as a local radio station as well. Our  library has a multitude of books in a variety of  different languages.In addition to being a youth and cultural center we also serve as a local hostel.